Relationship Husband Wife

 Relationship Husband Wife


I am going to discuss the questions raised and the most common among them is a problem in marriage both from boys and girls Relationship Husband Wife

our marriages got delayed due to lockdown and when it is going to happen

and the second question asked is about having tension that we are in tension when our life is going to

be smooth… we are going in a depression not to get afraid

don’t take any tension because if God has shown us this phase so that means God is testing us

there is the night after every bright day and a bright day after every dark night

The Greater The Happiness

likewise, there is happiness after sorrow and sorrow after happiness

The greater the happiness, the greater the misery, the greater the happiness but

only thing is that we have to trust ourselves, have to trust in God

whichever caste, religion or community we belong to or believe in any cult believe in God and believe in yourself

and great or big happiness is waiting for us because when sorrow goes then only we receive happiness

When Sorrow Goes Then Only we Receive Happiness


do we feel to be happy when we face sorrow, and when we feel sad

when we already felt happiness if don’t face this happiness and sorrows in our life we don’t know

the difference between the feeling of happy and sad so don’t worry

and trust in God and pray to God to keep us strengthen at this time Now,

to my second question The second common question

Getting Married Even It is a Girl or a Boy


is related to marriage, I’ll tell you to remedy that what should you do to avoid these obstacles of getting married Even it is a girl or a boy

the remedies are the same for both of them same lord worship, chanting or charity or you can say that there is a little difference in for doing charity among boy and a girl

But the worship is mostly the same as there is no difference and that will be beneficial first of all, I am going to explain to you about the rule of calculations