Navgrah ke Upay

Navgrah Ke Upay by Real Famous Astrologer Kisnaram Shastri

Navgrah Ke Upay and relationship. And the third is your 8th lord. We all know that the 6th, 8th, and 12th are the negative houses. Among these houses, the 6th is mainly responsible for the separation.

And the 8th is mainly responsible for the delay, obstacles, and challenges, etc. when your chart has more influence on the 6th house, then

the chances of separation, divorce will increase. The 8th house gives delays or obstacles but doesn’t give separation. So, that is the difference. We should check these three planets. So,

You Have to Check The Principles And The Combinations


now the principles. You have to check the principles and the combinations in your chart to understand whether you have the yoga for late marriage or not. First

If your 7th house is hemmed in between two malefic planets, then it can give delay. 7th house is the main house of marriage and relationship. If there is Saturn in one side

and Ketu in the other, or have Mars and Rahu, 6th house or 8th house has malefic planets or what we call natural malefic, then it creates a yoga called Papakartari Yoga. Due to this,

The 7th house can not function properly

The 7th house can not function properly. For example, you have gone to the office to work, and working with much focus and concentration. but, the people around you are not working,

then your concentration is diverted and you can’t work properly. If the 7th lord also has malefic on both sides or has Papakartari Yoga, then also it can delay. If your 7th house has the planet Saturn,

which is the significator of marriage.Navgrah Ke Upay

or Saturn aspects of your 7th house, it will create delay. If Saturn aspects

your 7th lord, or Saturn is conjunct with your 7th lord, then it will create delay. If Saturn is respecting Venus, which is the significator of marriage.

In a male chart, it also signifies wife. So, when Venus is influenced by Saturn by conjunction, by mutual aspect or if Saturn aspects Venus, then it will give delay in marriage. If Venus

is debilitated or if, Venus is combust, then also it will create delay. If it is within the 3 degrees of the Sun, then only I consider the planet as combust. 7 or 8 degrees are mentioned in the books,

but, I personally recommend it within 3 degrees. So, if Venus is within 3 degrees of Sun, then it will be combust and it can create delay. If your 7th lord is retrograde, then also delay is possible.

If the 7th lord is in 8th house, or in conjunction with 8th lord, or is in mutual aspect with 8th lord, or if 8th lord is in 7th house,

The marriage proposal will come but will break at the last minute.Navgrah ke Upay


then it will give a delay in marriage. The marriage proposal will come but will break at the last minute. Any kind of connection between the 8th house and 7th house

creates delay. So, these are the combinations we got from the D1 chart. I want to clear a misconception that many people have that they are Manglik,

and their marriage can’t happen for that or delay in marriage because of Mangal Dosh. So, if there is Mars in your 7th house or in the 4th house, then it will never create a delay in marriage.