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Marriage Prediction For Love Life


The marriage line one of the most misunderstood lines, Marriage Prediction, for example,

one time I saw the head of someone where

they married three times and he had only one single straight line another time another man who had been marrie

three times and he had no line at all and I also saw the hand of someone

with never-married never been married before and she had one very long straight line and she was a nun

so it just shows you that

It’s Not a Question of Marriage Shouldn’t be Call Marriage Line

it’s not a question of marriage shouldn’t be call marriage line or even union line I think should be called

commitment line because it shows your the commitment can be two-person it can be two fires it can be to religion or it Marriage Prediction

can be to a cause basically it means that there is a big love there and

most of the time we are going to look at it for a relationship and like every line in our hands,

it can change and this is what I am going to talk about today the fact that you can change

your marriage right so where is this famous line well

This Famous Marriage Line


this famous marriage line is on the mercury Mount which is just under then little baby finger and the type of line that you want to have in an ideal world is one straight line now this is ideal

but most of the time it doesn’t happen this way and today we are going to look at just the shape of this line so looking at our example today you’re

going to see that this person has a line that is going down it’s very very common to have that, in this case, are two lines we’re just going to focus on one line the idea of having one line

going down so what does it mean what is going down is actually going to the

amount of Mars and Mars is our energy is actually the worrier planet so it is suppose to give intensity but in the

case of relationships we don’t want that we don’t want the line to go to Mars because it has to detach you have to just love a person or cause

you’re not suppose to be controlling you’re not suppose to be possessive

Still, With This Person Now, The Relationship has Changed


you’re not supposed to have the expectation and this is what happens when you have the line going down you have all these

things and love is actually burning so of course when you have this kind of love you’re going to repel the person

that you love so it’s not going to help and this is what was happening with this person, so she was a lady it was very


emotional and she expected a lot from her husband and she believed in the knight in shining armor and of course

she was always disappoint so through the years expecting too much from him

she went through a lot of affairs and that’s led to divorce and then I heard he was she had many relationships and

the line just stayed down because she was always expecting so much from another person, she was getting too much

intensity to the other person instead of just accepting the person and finally she met somebody and she understood this time that she had to change something so she became more accepting her she

this person now the relationship has changed


start to live and let live without really expecting him to give her what she thought that she was entitle  to have

and as you can see on the that took many years later she made a commitment to this relationship she’s

still with this person now the relationship has changed tremendously and as you can see the line is now

straight now would be better if she got rid of the second line but this is not

what we’re going to talk about today just a fact that then line was able to straighten is really amazing and it

shows you that you can change your marriage line or your commitment line so here you can see the comparison is before and after you see how before it

was really going down and after it’s straight and it shows you that if you want to improve your relationship you

too can change your own marriage line so if you change your marriage line then your relationship is going to change even there’s an amazing change.

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