Inter-caste Problems

Inter-caste Problems If Advice Kisnaram Shastri Full Solution

now suppose someone wants to marry someone from inter-caste Problems

and they say this to their parents… Papa, genetics... Mummy, disorder!

Papa!! Mummy!!! so now what shall we do? the fear of mom dad’s

we have that fear in our blood no worries everyone gets it

so what the solution is? first, you need to see that between you and your parents

So What The Solution is?


chow much of comfort level is there? after that, you need to fill

the generation gap between you and your parents on how to do that now?

first, you need to understand their point of the view

if you will directly say to them that your culture is totally wrong and ours is right then

it might result in this! so what to do? simple take your time, talk to them

Understand Their Culture How Things Worked

understand their culture how things worked in their times tell them about your time

explain the differences between your generation and there you need to make them understand

and you need to show that few things of your generation are different from their’s

but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong or you are wrong

since you filled the generation gap which won’t be easy at all

now you need to bond to your parents  doesn’t look them as someone you need to be afraid of

you need to change the way you see them once the bonding is strong enough

then you need to slowly give them hints regarding your thing