Divorce Problems

Divorce Problems For Husband Wife Advice Kisnaram Shastri


Today’s topic is “why the divorce rate is higher in love Marriages” those people who are in love,  Divorce Problems need to understand the basic difference in life before marriage and life after marriage. Most of the time they are not able to find.

Planning Now May Not be Happening in The Future


Most of the things that we planned earlier are not happening now and things that we are planning now may not be happening in the future.

Many people who are in love spend so many times just talking about their future and

when things don’t the way they want it to be then they start feeling depressed.

depression or frustration, they start blaming each other


In the state of depression or frustration, they start blaming each other for not being

in a happy marriage.

Sometimes they ignore all the bad habit of that person because they are busy infighting

with the whole world just to be with that person and when they are under one roof they

are not able to ignore all those things(bad habits) because now they are not busy infighting

with the whole world and they are focusing only on that person and it may be that the

a person has promised that he is not going to do it again but maybe in marriage if he doesn’t

found that much interest then he may be doing that thing (bad habits) again.

Each Other at Some Point


When any person is hating someone so strongly then it means that they were very close to

each other at some point.

In love marriage when a person starts hating then he/she doesn’t want to live with that

person again.

I had given some basic reason why most of the love marriages doesn’t  although

there are so many other reasons which I will include in the topic “the problem of relationship.

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