Breakup Problem Solution

Breakup Problem Solution By Astrology


Today we’re going to talk about why I believe silence is the most important thing to do After a Breakup Problem Solution but what exactly do I mean when I say silence do

I mean to be silent entirely and just cut your ex out of your life ultimately. it  sort of depends on what you want to do after the breakup, whether you want to move on from your ex or

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this two-minute quiz and it gives you an idea of what kind of chance, you have getting your ex back now if this is something that you want to do right now Breakup Problem Solution

on it, it’s that simple but here’s the thing no matter what the position you’re in after

you were breakup I believe the most important

the first step for you to take is always to enter into what I like to call a no contact rule

now for those of you who don’t know what a no-contact rule is, it’s simply a set period of time where

The Positions You’re In After You Were Breakup


you and your ex will not talk no matter the circumstance that means you will not break up and if he reaches out to talk to you simply ignore him until your no

contact rule is over but why is this timeout or silent time so important to do after a breakup well this year I decided to do something new I was very curious to see how people would react Breakup Problem Solution

immediately after the breakups what kind of behaviors would they engage it so I surveyed my audience to find the answer,

to that question the results were pretty interesting people said things like they got angry and frustrated

Immediately After The Breakups What Kind Of Behaviors


others said that they begged for their ex back some people said they had trouble sleeping others had a loss of appetite pretty standard stuff but one

the answer came up by far the most out of anything they couldn’t stop talking to their exes whether that’s their ex getting into the pattern of talking to them again or

getting back into the pattern of talking to their ex again as you can see silence isn’t an often-used strategy in these circumstances but why not well I think

it’s important to make a case why I believe silence is the most important the thing that you should engage in after a breakup now silence can be used in many

different ways you can use the no contact rule or as some of my competitors call it the radio silence

rule but no matter what I believe it’s

I Find Happens When Someone Engages In a Conversation


important to go into a no contact rule for five main reasons, it’s best to view these as your advantages,

in other words, there are five advantages to going silent

after a breakup advantage number one, you appear more powerful so here’s ultimately

what I find happens when someone engages in a conversation

with their ex, immediately after a breakup, they talk too much and they really can go from

one end of the spectrum to the other end of the

spectrum so on one end of the spectrum we have people who talk too much as a way to validate themselves

they have wrapped so much of their identity up

into the relationship with their ex that all of a sudden when that identity is threatened they want to

go back to what they feel is comfortable so they talk

Their Ex Back Then You Have Another 


and talk and talk and often make themselves look like a fool as they beg for their ex back then

You have another end of the spectrum, there are the

people who talk too much as a way to rub it in their ex’s faces people who are extremely upset,

about the break-up but they’re finding any kind of way they can

say now compare that to someone who hey I’m winning this breakup they seem narcissistic and often their ex

Now Compare That to Someone Who


just scoffs at them and it kind of doesn’t really do much for their the personal situation they’re looked

at as weak now compare that to someone who

just goes silent they don’t go from this end of the spectrum to this end of the spectrum

They just stay in the middle and often kind of feel like they don’t

care so all of a sudden the ex is looking at them thinking wait did I care more about

this relationship than they did and it kind of turns the table

it makes you appear more powerful than really maybe you’re feeling inside advantage number,

two actions versus words so the first advantage I talk a


a lot about people who talk too much and why that’s kind of a mistake because they make themselves look

like a fool or they make themselves look super

narcissistic words aren’t the way that you’re going to get over your ex or

even get your ex-back actions are going silent is an action,

often new writers are told by their editors that they’re telling too much and not showing enough

so the common advice that writers are given is show don’t tell now,

what’s interesting with this show don’t tell the idea is that often when people hear about the no-contact rule,

they feel this the incessant need to tell their ex about it