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From best to worst. Now for everyone watching, that it doesn’t matter if you’re into astrology. This will be one of the only times Best Indian Astrologer

you’ll see people actually rank all of the signs from best to worst with no mercy. that we are right because you should know a few basics about astrology. One, your sun sign.

Now you have two other signs that are very important


That’s the sign that you’re most commonly associated with. Sun you already know. It’s the deepest part of who you are.  Now you have two other signs that are very important

that factor in your personality. Your rising sign or ascendant sign

is kind of what people meet when they first meet you so it’s like you at a party. Your moon sign is your emotional side.  Cocktail of different cosmic signs.

Speaking of which, it won’t be Rank King without his favorite drink.

The first sign in the astrological wheel,


Now does this mean that the sign that we rank worst is, in fact, worse than the other 11 signs?  No, it does not.

It just means I don’t want you around me. because of The first sign in the astrological wheel, the hard-headed ram himself, Aries.  The baby, the baby of the zodiac.

They do represent the age zero of like, infancy to seven, so they are literal children. Aries are very bad at concealing their feelings, which is good in some ways.

Aries actually has a pure,  Each sign, it’s in an element.


Yeah. Naturally, Aries actually has a pure, because  Each sign, it’s in an element. So we’re talking about fire signs right now, and there are three signs in each element.

So Aries is the cardinal of fire.  Yes, and the cardinal is one of the qualities of the sign, which you have cardinal, mutable, and fixed. The different karmas you can have between

four different elements and three different qualities make 12 signs in total. So Aries is the cardinal fire. That’s something that I do like about Aries. they can cool down fast and just get back to work

so they don’t really hold grudges which is something that I like. I feel like in bed Aries might finish too quickly. I’m just saying.

I, yeah, that sounds about right because They come into a room like the Kool-Aid man. Where would you put Aries currently any Aries that I personally know,

Throwing The First Sign


but in general, I rank Aries pretty low? Wow, you’re already throwing the first sign

Okay, let’s get out of Aries territory.  Yeah, gotta get out of this house. Taurus. – because To the second sign of the zodiac. So we’re a little older now.

We’re teens? because  Seven to fourteen, it’s like preteen age. Oh, we’re tweens. And inversely from Aries, because they represent the pure feminine form stereotypically.

They are the fixed earth sign, which is because If they’re really like feeling excited about something, they get the job done. They’re really productive.